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Eastend Library Information
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A.G.E.S goes into fourth year!!!

A.G.E.S started Dec 8 2008 with a Winter Solstice Faire. Since then the guild has had 4 very success artisan faires in the library, bringing new life to the Eastend library, and life to A.G.E.S!  2011 was a great success!
The Library is quaint, but has enough room for 8 artists to show their works.  Some hot chcolate, cookies, solstice music and more are what you experience when you visit the faire! 
2012 will be our 5th winter solstice market!  Date tba, but mark your calendar with a little note anyway....I know it's January right now, but the year does go quickly!

2012 brings the guild into it's 4th full year as a collective group of artists in the SW Saskatchewan area.  We are always looking for new artisans.  If you paint, sculpt, take pictures, knit, make jewellry, work with leather, wood, etc, you are welcome to join!
There is no membership fee, only a small donation to help towards receptions and art shows, cover the costs of food and beverages and advertising.  
Monthly shows and workshops in the Library keep the community and surrounding areas vibrant, fun and educated with art!    Artists are encouraged to participate!

I would like to thank Alice Hanlin for her assistance, knowledge, inspiration and dedication to the Guild.  I appreciate you very much!!!

Want to be part of the guild! 
Contact Trea at serephinite at gmail.com (please replace the at with @) this method stops internet phishing!

Have a creative and beautifully abundant year!

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