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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Retrospective Exhibition of Alice Hanlin

Coming Full Circle:  
A Retrospective Exhibition of Alice Hanlin’s Art work.
Article by Trea Jensen and Alice Hanlin

The month of March The Artisans Guild of Eastend and Surrounding areas freatures the artwork of Alice Hanlin.  The exhibition will feature work which she has created since 1946 to present day.  
Alice’s work will show the journey she has been on since she was a child, the wonder and the observation of her environment, putting it down on paper and canvas, using different media to communicate what she sees and feels.
This exhibition contains examples of art work from different stages, depicting her life long passion for art.    
Returning home to her roots, in the SW Corner of Saskatchewan, there has been an emotional realization in recognizing the things Alice has experienced before.  Many of these returning circles are depicted in her artwork that will be on display at the A.G.E.S Gallery located in the Eastend Library, Eastend SK.  

The Show will run from February 28 – March 29 2014.  Please join Alice to hear of her journey as an artist at the Artist Reception February 28 at 7pm at the Eastend Library.  Refreshments will be served!

The following is narrated by Alice Hanlin
Ten years ago in 2004 in an art workshop in San Miguel de Allende Mexico, I became aware of the presence of circles.  A circle is a symbol of so many things:  changing seasons, day and night, cycles that repeat.  Circles are everywhere. 
Later that same year,( not an Eastend resident yet) I was given the opportunity to spend 3 weeks in the Stegner House in Eastend.   Determined to become immersed in community culture and activities, my husband John and I went to the Cowboy Poetry Festival in Maple Creek.  I felt like a foreigner.……….until I looked at a Maple Creek History book on a display table and saw a photograph of myself as a baby in my father’s arms.   This poem reflects a circle that I recognized then.

Returning to roots…
Another circle…one a bit unfamiliar.
I have almost forgotten
My early years
In Cowboy Country…..
Merry Flat
Battle Creek
Fort Walsh
The Coalmine…
Seeing my baby picture
In the Maple Creek History book
Has made me realize the truth
That this is a place of my roots.

 by Alice Hanlin   Sept 18 2004

Feb 28 2014 Artist Reception

Alice Hanlin 
March 2014 Featured Artist 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Engage, Nurture and Be inspired

Paint your Inner Goddess on Saturday Feb 22 2014 
Shaunavon, SK
engage, nurture and be inspired!